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Andrea Lister is not only a successful editor, she is also an accomplished speaker and instructor. She delivers information rich presentation and workshops in an accessible and humourous manner. She specializes in historical research, copyright, and publishing.

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  • Historic Grasslands conference. Photo courtesy Derek Hayes.

  • Golden Ears Writers panel discussion. Photos courtesy Andrea Walker Photography.

  • Family history Show and Share. Photo courtesy Erica Williams.

How to Keep your Family History From Being a Snore

Do you want to publish your family history but make it more engaging than a list of facts? Historical research beyond births, marriages, and deaths can enrich the story by adding context and connections to broader themes.

Anatomy of a Book

Front matter, foreword, copyright page, ISBN, index, paper types, spine calculation...what does it all mean? Learn the parts of a book, for both print and ebooks, and how they fit together.

Editors as Partners, not Enemies

The job of an editor is not to rewrite an author's work but to work collaboratively to craft the best experience for the reader. Andrea will talk about article selection for British Columbia History magazine and different types of editing,

Seafaring Ancestors

When a Merchant is Ship-Owner, Maker or Supplier Do you have captains, crew, ship-owners, insurers, bread-makers or pirates in your family tree? You might have an ancestor involved in the shipping industry and not realize it. Learn where to look to discover your seafaring ancestors. This talk provides a basic overview of where to look for seafaring ancestors tailored for English and Canadian research.

The Lady in the Search

Women can be tricky to research. Mrs. Husband’s Name does not give you much to work with. Together we look at resources, some obvious, some less so to find the documents that will help you learn more about the women in your families and the roles they played in their communities.

Microsoft Word for Family Historians / Writers

Make Microsoft Word work for you instead of wasting time struggling with it. Learn advanced skills in using styles, track changes, using footnotes, and more.

Prison and Court Records

Prison and court records can tell you a lot about your ancestors and their lives. Whether documenting legal battles or criminal activity these records will provide a wide variety of color and detail. We will look at records on everything from petty theft to illegal poaching to declaring someone’s husband dead.

Finding the Right Container

What is the best container for your family story: a book, a blog, a movie, a game, even trading cards? These items are just containers for the content. As researchers we are the creators and keepers of content. There are a myriad of ways to share your family’s story. Learn how to define your audience and package your story for that audience.

Copyright for Print & Digital

What does using an image in your printed book, on your website, on facebook, in a tweet, and on your blog have in common? You just published it. Historical societies and individuals need to understand the basics of copyright before they publish.

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New presentations in the works.

PowerPoint to tell Your Story

Microsoft PowerPoint can be an inexpensive and easy way to tell your family story. It is useful as a story-telling tool for an event such a family reunion or anniversary. This session can be offered as a lecture or workshop. It is best delivered as a workshop in a computer lab where students can have a hands-on experience.


"Andrea is a great presenter. The workshop was easy to follow and very useful. I would definitely attend workshops by Andrea in the future! " Workshop participant, Copyright in the Digital Age