About Andrea Lister

Andrea has always called British Columbia home. She was born and raised in Chilliwack. Her interest in history was piqued as a teenager when visiting a great aunt who shared her charts and notes on their family tree. Auntie Bet showed her a passage from Jane Ellice’s diary describing Andrea’s 3rd great-grandmother being taken captive by French Canadian rebels. Andrea was hooked. Andrea pursued her passion for history at the University of BC. Her history degree led her to a job at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. The experience taught Andrea the importance of accessibility to information and how history is present in our everyday lives.

Andrea left the museum world and moved into the corporate world but continued writing. As a child, Andrea wrote detailed instructions for crafts on index cards. This attention to detail inevitably led to a Certificate in Technical Communications from Simon Fraser University. She spent 10 years as the Communications Manager of a national software and services provider for independent securities and mutual fund dealers. While there she worked on every project that involved words and design from websites to online help, newsletters to marketing collateral, training materials to sales proposals. She often shaped bullet points and half-sentences into polished pieces for colleagues who would state “that’s what I meant to say” upon reading the finished product.

As the great-granddaughter of the founding member of the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary, Andrea was asked to write their history for their 100th anniversary. Fortunately, tenacity runs in the family and she completed a project that others had started and left unfinished. The book reflects Andrea’s belief that history is the ongoing story of ordinary men and women who shape our world and marked a return to the study of history in her career.

I worked with Andrea at a software start-up where she got our technical writing / communications department off the ground, eventually expanding it to a small team. Her responsibilities included online help, traditional manuals, organizing trade shows, and managing external audits of our documentation and software processes. Andrea is a self-starter with excellent software and writing skills. If you work with Andrea, you will not regret it. Also, Andrea consistently uses apostrophes correctly and read Eats Shoots and Leaves of her own volition, and liked it! Andrea knows what 'volition' means.
Greg Tomkins, Computer Guy at Broadridge Financial